U40 Leadership Certificate

Value Proposition

WSIA's U40 is dedicated to recognizing those U40 members that have shown a commitment to both individual growth and to bettering the industry through leadership and volunteer involvement; to engender tangible leadership skills through education sessions both at the U40 Annual Meeting and encouraging attendance at other recognized courses; to encourage regular and repeated participation in U40, WSIA and industry events; and to prepare U40 members to be ambassadors for the industry. 


A person who wishes to obtain the U40 Leadership Certificate must complete 48 total credits in three key categories: education, leadership and industry/community involvement. WSIA will work with the U40 Board to evaluate the completed applications and determine eligibility.

Attaining the Leadership Certificate is a demonstration of a commitment to investing in education, development, and professionalism. The full criteria are listed below.


    1.  Registered U40 Member
    2.  Attend at least one U40 Annual Meeting
    3.  WSIA Education 
    (The applicant must complete 40 total hours of WSIA education to earn 40 qualifying credits. 1 hour - 1 credit.)
      •  Attend Surplus Lines Management Program = 20 hours
      • Attend Marcus Payne Advanced School = 20 hours
      • Attend Executive Leadership School = 20 hours
      • Attend Effective Sales Coaching Educational Program = 8 hours
      • Attend 8 hours of WSIA University sessions
      • Call-In on 3 or more WSIA Webinars =1 hour each
      • Attend U40 Annual Meeting Education = 8 hours 
      • First year goes toward standalone requirement, subsequent years can count toward education requirement.
      • Consultative Selling and Negotiations = 8 hours
      • WSIA Annual Marketplace Education = 1 hour per session
      • U40 International Summit = 20 hours       
    4. Leadership Role
    (One interaction = 1 credit, applicant must complete a total of 3 credits.)
      • Present or moderate an education session or webinar
      • Contribute on a U40 Newsletter topic
      • Participate on a WSIA Committee
      • Mentor a first-time attendee at the U40 Annual Meeting (requires 2 years of attendance)
      • Served as a WSIA Intern
      • Serve on the U40 Board
    5. Industry or Community Volunteer
    (One interaction = 1 credit, applicant must complete a total of 5 credits.)
      • Attend a U40 charity event
      • Individually contribute to a U40 charity event
      • Contribute to the WSIA PAC
      • Participate in a Campus Event
      • Contribute a community service article to the U40 Newsletter

How Do I Qualify?

The U40 Leadership Certificate process is available to all U40 members, active and in good standing. Of the 48 required credits:
  • A minimum of 40 qualifying credits (hours) must be earned from WSIA approved educational courses as an attendee
  • Three (3) credits must be earned by demonstrating the applicant's leadership role within the WSIA association; and
  • Five (5) credits must be earned by demonstrating industry and/or community involvement.

Important Information

The applicant must complete their credits by the end of the calendar year during which they turn forty, at which time they age out of WSIA's U40 and are no longer eligible for the Leadership Certificate. Credits must have been earned after August 1, 2017 to be considered.  As a part of the evaluation and approval process, WSIA and the U40 Board will review the total number of credits achieved and determine if the Leadership Certificate requirements have been met.

Click here for the U40 Leadership Certificate Application and Guidelines.
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Click here for a downloadable spreadsheet to track your U40 Leadership Certificate credits.

Please contact Chelsea Lenhart chelsea@wsia.org, with any questions.