2010 Derek Hughes/NAPSLO Educational Foundation Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to the following students who were selected to receive $5,000 scholarships from the Derek Hughes/NAPSLO Educational Foundation for the 2010-11 school year.

Russell Bond Memorial Scholarship

            Rajiv Sagewan
            Forest Hills, NY
            St. John’s University

Derek Hughes/NAPSLO Educational Foundation Insurance Scholarship

            Jessica A. May
            Milford, MA
            St. John’s University

Gary E. Frohn Memorial Scholarship

           Brian T. Ford
           Tallahassee, FL
           Florida State University

Richard E. Hull Education Scholarship

            Terri R. Ketzner
            Ferdinand, IN
            Indiana State University

Herbert W. Kaufman Memorial Scholarship

            Megan B. Richardson
            Christiana, TN
            Middle Tennessee State University

Kevin A. McLaughlin Memorial Scholarship

            Mason J. Novess
            Homer, MI
            Olivet College

NAPSLO Insurance Scholarship

            Megan M. Ward
            St. Louis, MO
            Olivet College

Scott W. Polley Memorial Scholarship

            Emily J. Byrnes
            Mt. Horeb, WI
            Illinois State University
            Megan P. Suchoff
            Champaign, IL
            Indiana University

            Justin T. Teal
            Signal Mountain, TN
            University of Connecticut-Storrs

Michael J. Snead Memorial Scholarship

            Tyler D. Hall
            Mt. Zion, IL
            Illinois State University

Rolland L. Wiegers Education Scholarship

            Vincent J. Baldino
            Somerdale, NJ
            Temple University

            Timothy K. McDermot
             Philadelphia, PA
            Temple University

            Brian A. Wingfield
            Roswell, GA
            Temple University