Professional Designations

Please note: CIW and CMGA renewals are still under revision. During this time, all CIW and CMGA designations will be maintained. Further information will be forthcoming and all CIW and CMGA designees will be notified when the renewal requirements have been updated. Please contact Julie Fritz,, with questions. 

WSIA recognizes individual and agency dedication to continuation professional development by awarding two types of designations. One is for individuals, the CIW, Certified Insurance Wholesaler, and the other is for agencies, the CMGA - Certified Managing General Agency. These designations are attained by the completion of education requirements through University and non-University courses, and in the case of the individual designations, completion of a project.

Attaining a designation is a demonstration of a commitment to investing in training, development, and professionalism. You can learn more about the designations below. 

Certified Insurance Wholesaler (CIW)

WSIA recognizes individuals continuing professional development by awarding the CIW designation. To qualify, members are required to complete a specific number of WSIA education and/or non- WSIA courses and complete a project.  A description of the qualifications and allowable hours for attendance at non-WSIA programs are listed below.  Follow the steps listed below to determine what you need to do to receive your designation.


A person who wishes to obtain the CIW designation must complete 64 education hours and submit a project designed to demonstrate the individual’s knowledge and expertise in the wholesale insurance field.  WSIA’s Designation and Scholarship Subcommittee will approve the project idea and will evaluate the completed work for acceptability.

How Do I Qualify?

Of the 64 required hours, a minimum of 40 hours must be earned from WSIA approved educational courses as an attendee or instructor.  A maximum of 24 hours may be earned through completion of approved self-study courses, designations, or prior educational activities.

Important Information for Individual Designations
  1. Except for credits achieved through a designation, there is a five-year limit for accumulating hours to qualify for the CIW. (For example, if you took a University General Liability course within the last five years, the hours would count toward earning your designation today.)
  2. The CIW designation has a continuing education requirement to complete a minimum of 32 credits every two years. Please see renewal application below for specifications.
  3. As a part of the evaluation and approval process, the Designations and Scholarship Subcommittee reviews the total number of hours as well as the variety of courses taken. It is important to diversify and participate in programs from the representative areas of your book of business.
  4. Your application for the CIW designation must include the following components:
    a. The Certified Insurance Wholesaler Application
    b. Certified Insurance Wholesaler Course Credit Supporting Documentation
    c. Completed project
  5. Finally, the CIW designation application, supporting material and completed project must be received by WSIA on or before January 15.

Click here to download the fillable form Certified Insurance Wholesaler (CIW) Application and Project Guidelines
Click here to download the fillable form to renew your Certified Insurance Wholesaler (CIW) designation.

Current Certified Insurance Wholesalers (CIW)* Designees

WSIA members that have achieved the coveted designation of Certified Insurance Wholesalers are:

Karen Alford, MBA, ASLI, AIS, SCLA, CIW, Nationwide E&S/Specialty • Scott M. Anderson, CPCU, CIC, Concorde General Agency, Inc.
TC Anderson, IV, CIC, AIS, ASLI, CIW, Western World Insurance Group
Jon C. Barton, CIW, CIC, Surplus Line Managers, CMGA
Chris Behymer, CIW, CPCU, ASLI, Markel - West / Scottsdale
Thomas Berry, CIC, CIW, RPS Scobie Group. CMGA
Tonya Burris, CPCU, ASLI, CIC, CIW, Johnson & Johnson, Inc., CMGA
Edwin J.  Calabrese, CIC, CIW, AAMGA Past President
Vera Ellen Carter, CIW,TRS, AmWINS Group
R. C. Chaffin, CIW, SeaCoast Underwriters, Inc., CMGA
Shawn Chaffin, CIW, SeaCoast Underwriters, Inc., CMGA
Lisa Daniel, CIW,AU,ASLI,AIS,AINS, Century Insurance Group
Rhonda Daugherty, CIW, Creative Underwriters Corporation / Creative Independence Corp., CMGA
Brent Davis, CIW, Texas Specialty Underwriters
Paul Davis, CIW, Texas Specialty Underwriters
Kerry P. Dillard, CIW, Bloss & Dillard, Inc., CMGA
Wesley C. Duesenberg, Jr., CIW, Southern Insurance Underwriters, Inc., CMGA
Tripp Duesenberg, CIW, Southern Insurance Underwriters, Inc., CMGA
Helen Feygin, CIW, RPS Metcom
Wayne G. Forest, Sr., CIW, Forest Insurance Facilities, Inc., CMGA
Robert S. Giles, CIW, RPS Scobie Group, CMGA
Colleen Giles-Harris, CIW, CIC, RPS Scobie Group, CMGA
Anthony Glotzbach, CIW, Scobie Group New Albany, CMGA
Preston H. Gough, Jr., CIW, Southern Cross Underwriters, CMGA
James 'Flip' Hogan, Jr., CIW, AmWINS Group
Joseph P. Hutelmyer, CIW, AmWINS Group
Liam Hutelmyer, CIW, AmWINS Group
Anna Maria Kizer, CIW, Myron F. Steves & Company, CMGA
Jim Kranzberg, CIW, Bell & Clements Ltd.
Jennifer Larsen Jensen, CIW,CIC, Erickson-Larsen, Inc.
Daisy Lasky, CIW, Green Mountain Agency, Inc., CMGA
Edward Levy, CIW, Risk Placement Services, Inc.
John H. Love, CIW, W. E. Love & Associates, Inc. CMGA
Len LoVullo, CIW, LoVullo Associates, Inc., CMGA
Rosemarie Marshall, ARM, AAI, CIW, AmWINS Group
Francis J. Mastowski, CIW, Jimcor Agency Inc. T/A Jimcor Agencies, CMGA
Mark Maucere, CIW, Arlington/Roe
David Miller, CIW, CPCU, W. A. Schickedanz Agency, Inc., CMGA
Vicki Minor, CIW, AmWINS Group
Ronnie C. Moore, CIW, AAMGA Past President
Matthew Mundelius, CIW, Union General Ins. Services
Chip Pecchio, CPCU, ASLI, ARe, CIW, RSUI Group, Inc.
Gary Peterson, CIW, ASLI, Chris-Leef General Agency, CMGA
Tom Rogan, CIW, TBR Consultans, Inc. AAMGA Past President
Gary Romay, CIW, Scottsdale Insurance Company
Mark A. Rothert, CIW, Rothert Insurance, CMGA
James Ryan, CIW, Market Finders Insurance Corp., CMGA
Robert A. Schneider, CIW, RPS Minneapolis, CMGA
Peter B. Scobie, CIW, RPS Scobie Group, CMGA
Barbara Simpson, CPCU, AIS, ASLI, ARM, ARe, CRIS, CIW, Russell Bond & Co., Inc., CMGA
Libby Smith, CIW, AmWINS Group
Veronica Smith, CIW, Myron F. Steves & Company, CMGA
Fred B. Steves, CIW, Myron F. Steves & Company, CMGA
Kathy Suhm, CIW, Nautilus Insurance Group
Coryn Thalmann, CIC, CIW, Jimcor Agency Inc. T/A Jimcor Agencies, CMGA
David Toombs, MBA, ASLI, AU, CIW, Bell & Clements, Ltd.
Danielle S. Wade, CPCU, CIC, CIW, Jackson Sumner & Associates
Colin Wills, CIW, Bloss & Dillard, Inc., CMGA
Brad F. Wood, CIW, ASLI, AU, Specialty Risk Associates, Inc., CMGA
John F. Wood, III, CIW, CIC, Specialty Risk Associates, Inc., CMGA

* CIW and CWIS Designations combined in 2008

Certified Managing General Agency (CMGA)

Whether you are looking to become a CMGA or you are re-qualifying, the benefits of professional development will be a source of pride for the employees in your agency, and a continued source of confidence and business from your customers and markets. The following information is provided to assist you in completing the submission form to be reviewed and approved by the Education Designations and Scholarship Committee.
The CMGA designation reflects the many educational activities of your employees. As a result, you can obtain the hours from a variety of sources:
All classroom and online WSIA education courses.
Industry education such as CPCU, CIC, ASLI, AINS, ARM, AU, etc.
Representation on WSIA Board, Committees or Foundation Board
Designation Requirements

Minimum requirements for obtaining the designation are listed below. 

  • Six hours of industry education must be completed by all full-time employees whose primary responsibilities are underwriting related (managers, underwriters, underwriting assistants, technical assistants, etc.)
  • Of these hours, a minimum of one individual must earn hours through attendance at a WSIA education program from the following: E&S Program, Boot Camp, Advanced E&S Program, Consultative Selling and Negotiations, Surplus Lines Management, Effective Sales Coaching, Executive Leadership Summit, WSIA University, Automation Conference or U40 Annual Meeting.
  • All other hours may be obtained through in-house, state approved, or third pary courses directly related to underwriting responsibilities, subject to criteria further defined in the CMGA Application Materials .
  • If you seek CMGA credit for in-house courses, these hours may not count toward more than 30% of the required hours.
  • No one employee can contribute more than 25% of the required hours.
  • Renewal is required every 2 years.

Click here to access the CMGA Application Materials

Certified Managing General Agency (CMGA) Designees
WISA member agencies that have met the requirements and proudly distinguish themselves as Certified Managing General Agencies are:
Abram Interstate Insurance Services, Inc., CMGA
AmWINS Transportation Underwriters, Inc., CMGA
Associated Insurance Administrators, Inc., CMGA
Bass Underwriters, Inc., CMGA
Bloss & Dillard, Inc., CMGA
Chris-Leef General Agency, CMGA
Concorde General Agency, Inc., CMGA
Creative Underwriters Corporation/Creative Independence Corp., CMGA
D.M.I. Insurance Services, Inc., CMGA
Forest Insurance Facilities, Inc., CMGA
Green Mountain Agency, Inc., CMGA
Greenwich Transportation Underwriters, CMGA
Hanover Excess & Surplus, Inc., CMGA
J.E. Brown & Associates, CMGA
Jimcor Agencies, CMGA
Johnson & Johnson, Inc., CMGA
LoVullo Associates, Inc., CMGA
MacNeill Group, Inc., CMGA
Market Finders Insurance Corp., CMGA
Metcom Excess, CMGA
Myron F. Steves & Company, CMGA
Pelican General Insurance Agency, LLC, CMGA
Rothert Insurance, CMGA
RPS Covington, CMGA
RPS Lexington, CMGA
RPS Minneapolis, CMGA
RPS Roswell, CMGA
RPS Scobie Group, CMGA
RPS Scobie Group, CMGA
RPS Scobie Group, CMGA
Russell Bond & Co., Inc., CMGA
Scobie Group Eau Claire, CMGA
SeaCoast Underwriters, Inc., CMGA
Sierra Specialty Insurance Services, Inc., CMGA
Southern Cross Underwriters, CMGA
Southern Insurance Underwriters, Inc., CMGA
Specialty Risk Associates, Inc., CMGA
Surplus Line Managers, CMGA
Tuscano Agency, Inc., CMGA
W. A. Schickedanz Agency, Inc., CMGA
W. E. Love & Assoc., Inc., CMGA
Worldwide Facilities, Inc., CMGA