Past Presidents Council

Gil Hine

Past Presidents Council is chaired by Gil Hine. The Council provides counsel to the current NAPSLO President and Board of Directors on issues and assists with special projects when needed. More than 30 people have occupied the office of NAPSLO President since the Association’s inception in 1974. A number of Past Presidents remain active in the industry and continue to be engaged in the activities of the Association. This wealth of knowledge and experience in running the Association is extremely valuable to the Board of Directors and NAPSLO Officers.

2016-2017 Committee Members

Robert B. Angle
NAPSLO Life Member

Thomas S. Bloom
NAPSLO Life Member

Kevin P. Brooks
NAPSLO Life Member

James H. Bryson
NAPSLO Life Member

Maureen C. Caviston
Partners Specialty Group, LLC

Jeremy D. Cooke
Marsh Ltd.

Nicholas D. Cortezi
All Risks, Ltd.

H. James Griffith
NAPSLO Life Member

Hank Haldeman
The Sullivan Group

David R. Hartoch
NAPSLO Life Member

Letha E. Heaton
Admiral Insurance Company

Tapley O. Johnson
NAPSLO Life Member

Marshall P. Kath
NAPSLO Life Member

John K. Latham

Anthony F. Markel

Charles A. McAlear
NAPSLO Life Member

William H. Newton
NAPSLO Life Member

Matthew D. Nichols
All Risks, Ltd.

Roy B. Oddy
NAPSLO Life Member

Timothy M. Pedersen
Travis-Pedersen a B&R Co.

Richard L. Polizzi
Western Security Surplus Ins.

Robert T. Sargent
Tennant Risk Services

Paul W. Springman
ReSource Pro

Neil H. Strickland
Strickland Gen. Agency, Inc.

Joseph D. Timmons
NAPSLO Life Member

Lawrence M. Wesson
U.S. Risk Insurance Group

Kevin T. Westrope
NAPSLO Life Member

John F. Wood
Specialty Risk Assoc., Inc.

Committee Staff Support

Brady Kelley