Using the 2017 WSIA Annual Marketplace mobile app 

How to download and access the app

If you have previously downloaded the NAPSLO mobile app, the app will automatically update to the WSIA app if you have updates enabled. If you don't have automatic updates enabled, you will need to run the update from the app store. 
Click here to access easy to use download instructions if you haven't previously installed the NAPSLO app on your device. 

Tips for using the app

How to manage your profile

1. After logging into the app, tap the menu icon in the top left, then tap your name at the top of the screen. 2. Tell fellow attendees about you. Complete the text fields to give other attendees a sense of who you are. You can write a short bio, upload a photo, provide your contact information or direct people to your website or social media accounts.  
3. To make your profile viewable by other attendees, uncheck the "Set Profile to Private" box and it will then be set so all attendees can see it. 

How to use the attendee list

The attendee list will contain thousands of names and may take a minute to load/display. Once displayed, you may search on first name, last name, member firm name, member firm type and line of business. Please note that, by default, the app can display all attendees, but when you search for a subset the app will display a limited number of results. You may narrow your search or you may choose to access the full attendee list through the "Attendee List" icon within the app. The list is also available as PDF that can be downloaded. 

Affiliate meeting and suite space

Those WSIA member firms who have requested to have their meeting and event information included in the app are listed in these icons. The information is displayed in calendar form and is searchable.