On March 8, we provided an update to all members regarding the proposed merger of the AAMGA and NAPSLO into a new, world-class member services organization, the Wholesale & Specialty Insurance Association (WSIA). During the last six months, WSIA has been thoughtfully customized to meet the needs of AAMGA and NAPSLO members and serve the entirety of the wholesale, specialty and surplus lines industry.

On April 12, the AAMGA Board of Directors approved the Merger Proposal, an Agreement and Plan of Merger, and a Board Resolution to merge with NAPSLO. On April 14, the NAPSLO Board of Directors approved the same, and a Board Resolution to merge with the AAMGA. The Merger Proposal outlines the material terms in connection with the merger of the AAMGA and NAPSLO; (2) outlines the process and timing by which the merger will be considered, approved and effectuated;  and (3) documents the terms and conditions applying to the merger.

The Merger Committee and AAMGA and NAPSLO leaders are thrilled to announce the formal approval of the Merger Proposal, which represents an exciting opportunity for members and our industry in the formation of WSIA. This new, merged association will undoubtedly unify and strengthen our voice in the industry. Through the creation of WSIA, we are confident that we will provide members with a menu of programs and services custom-designed to most effectively meet the needs of members, of all shapes and sizes, while bringing a renewed energy and purpose to the organization.

In preparation for membership votes on the merger, we encourage you to fully review the Merger Proposal. Please feel free to contact any member of the Merger Committee or Brady Kelley with any questions you might have of any of us as we look forward to membership votes on the proposal in coming months.

Hank Haldeman, Chair  Bobby Owens, Vice Chair
Harry Johnson Corinne Jones
Mark Maucere Dave Obenauer
Jacque Schaendorf Kathy Schroeder
Gary Tiepelman  


Exhibit 1 - Agreement and Plan of Merger
Exhibit 2 - AAMGA Board Resolution
Exhibit 3 - NAPSLO Board Resolution
Exhibit 4 - AAMGA Member Resolution
Exhibit 5 - NAPSLO Member Resolution
Exhibit 6 - AAMGA Notice of Voting Instructions and Ballot
Exhibit 7 - NAPSLO Notice of Voting Instructions and Proxy
Exhibit 8 - WSIA Logo
Exhibit 9 - WSIA Value Proposition
Exhibit 10 - WSIA Board of Directors
Exhibit 11 - WSIA Executive Committee
Exhibit 12 - Articles of Incorporation
Exhibit 13 - Bylaws
Exhibit 14 - Membership Categories and Criteria
Exhibit 15 - Membership Definitions
Exhibit 16 - Code of Ethics
Exhibit 17 - 2018-2021 Membership Dues Schedule
Exhibit 18 - WSIA Spring Summit Agenda
Exhibit 19 - 2018-2021 Spring Summit Venue Proposal
Exhibit 20 - WSIA Annual Marketplace Agenda
Exhibit 21 - WSIA Young Professionals Charter, Events and Activities
Exhibit 22 - WSIA Young Professionals Board
Exhibit 23 - Annual Events Schedule
Exhibit 24 - Committee Structure
Exhibit 25 - WSIA Financial Pro Forma 2017 to 2022
Exhibit 26 - AAMGA Audited Financial Statements
Exhibit 27 - NAPSLO Audited Financial Statements


  • Click here to view the PowerPoint from the March 7 Town Hall Meeting.
  • Click here to view the handout provided at the March 7 Town Hall Meeting.

Dave Obenauer 
Dave Obenauer 


You may submit any merger-related question to the merger Committee utilizing this link. Please be sure to indicate whether this is a question that you would like to have answered at the May 24 Town Hall Meeting or whether you prefer a private response.




WSIA is an association of insurance professionals working to build profitable business relationships in the wholesale, specialty and surplus lines insurance industry. WSIA is dedicated to developing and strengthening the industry and provides members unparalleled:

  • Networking
  • Education
  • Talent recruitment and development initiative
  • Regulatory and legislative advocacy
  • Promotion of wholesale value

WSIA members of all shapes and sizes gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace through active participation in the only association dedicated specifically to the wholesale, specialty and surplus lines insurance industry.